Charter Flights Miami Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Cost of Private Jet Charter Flights Miami Service Compare with Commercial Airline Travel?

Private aircraft travel is not as expensive as most would assume. Taking into consideration the time and money spent parking your car and getting to the terminal. This is followed by long check in lines and more lines getting though security. Assuming that your plane is on schedule you will wait to board and sit on the tarmac waiting your turn to take off. When you arrive the process is the same in reverse. When it is time for your return trip you may spend an extra night at the hotel because your flight is not scheduled for when you need to leave. You are on their schedule. Same lines, same wait on the way home and then go find your car. All considered, if time equals money, which it does, you just spent more than you think. We are ready when and where you are. You leave with your luggage, and arrive with it. Your car is waiting. Most of your trip is spent in the air, not on the ground. You arrive rested, refreshed and productive.

What’s Better, Jet Charter Flights Miami Service or Fractional Ownership?

When you fly with us you have the freedom to fly when and where you want. There are no membership fees or prescheduled limited flight hours. There are no maintenance fees, acquisition costs and long term contracts. Any size jet that fits your need, for business or leisure, is available to you at any time. With fractional ownership only one plane is available and flying time must be pre-purchased. If you want to fly you may have to get in line. Not with Miami Jet Charter Service. You go when you want, even on short notice. Plus you will enjoy the finest food and beverages any where in the air.

Do You Accept All Forms of Payment?

We accept the three major credit cards; Master Card, Visa and American Express, as well as checks and wire transfers.

Do You Offer Around the Clock Service?

We fly 365 days of the year at anytime on any day. Short notice booking? No problem.

How Much Advance Notice Do You Require?

It is always helpful to provide as much notice as possible. We can work on a few hours notice contingent on availability of a plane, flight and crew.

May I Cancel with Notice?

A 48 hour cancellation period is standard. No changes or cancellation may be made after the 48 hour cut off.

Will I Receive Personal Considerations?

All of our programs are tailored to the individual client profile that is custom designed around personal taste and requirements

Will You Provide Special Food and Beverages?

Yes. There is no request that we will not comply with. If you have special ethnic or diet restricted foods that you require we will go out of our way to accommodate you.

Can Pets Travel in the Cabin?

As long as your pets are properly restrained on takeoff and landings, they are welcome aboard.